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Assembly machinery & systems

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Our assembly machines and systems cover a very wide range of consumer goods with large quantities, high precision and/or special requirements. They are equipped with a wide range of technical devices available, which are explained in more detail in the Technology section.

  • Chain assembly machine

  • Laser marking with robot equipping

  • Nano MQS automatic connector punching machine

  • Electrical component labelling

  • Automatic heat meter tester

  • Joining cell for solar tubes

  • Automatic assembly machine for gas boiler accessories

  • O-ring assembly stations

  • Laser marking cell for aluminium rims

  • Automatic assembly machines for vehicle interiors

  • Leak test for diesel pumps

  • Sharpener production rotary transfer machine

  • Headrest installation and testing

  • Rocker arm assembly system

  • Packaging systems

  • Palletiser

  • Completing machine

We realize 200 cycles/minute and above, insert 1400 parts/minute and above, assemble ±0.02mm accurately and below.

We test and check the appearance, printing, tightness, completeness, color and much more. 

We measure, weigh, join, cut, punch, oil, mark and more.

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