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Manual workstations & fixtures

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Manual workstations and fixtures round off our mechanical engineering division. These tools are supplied for realizing small units quantities, parts with special or even very simple requirements, or as an aid to the workers..

Testing devices

  • We develop testing devices for car seat massage cushions, for example. Here, the massage cushions, which are connected to pneumatic hoses, are manually inserted and adapted into the test device by the worker. Color sensors detect and check the correct hose colors at your positions. A leakage test is carried out on the cushions. A label printer outputs a correspoding label, which is attached by the worker and recorded means of a scanner.

Mounting fixtures

  • Mounting figures are used, for example, for the production of cable protection housings. Two cables soldered together are placed in the device by the worker with housing, special clips, seals and protective caps. A leaver mechanism and linear slide pushes them into each other, after which they are pressed and tested. By using the Poke-Joke system, we guarantee correct assembly of the parts.

Hand punches and cutters

  • Hand punches and cutters, with or without monitoring, with special shapes or for special materials. Insertion aids, waste separation or testing and counting mechanisms are implemented as well as simple pressing or assembly processes. We design and manufacture 3D moulded nests in-house for specific parts. Thanks to our diverse service providers, a wide variety of coatings can be applied to protect your components and/ or the mould. 

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